The Power Knee Brace

Powerful Knee Brace Stabilizer, Patella Support, Weak Knees, Spring Loaded, Comfort Design, Knee Stress Relief, Non-Slip Pain Relief Knee Protection, For Arthritis & Tendonitis of Knees, Hiking, Running, Jumping, Climbing, Squatting & More…

Custom Design

This knee brace was specially designed by a Sports Medicine Physician and has been tested on both professional and competitive athletes.

Powerful Spring-Loaded Support

The strong 3-spring system supports the knee joint during activity requiring load on the knee. This includes squatting, climbing up hill or stairs, cycling, and more. Also perfect for delivery drivers, construction workers, and any other professions that would require climbing ladders, bending, and jumping in and out of a delivery vehicle.

State of the Art Fastening System

Securely fastens the brace to your legs for comfortable wear and prevents slippage. Durable and does not wear out.

For Everyone

This knee brace is so well designed that it is suitable for both the athlete and non-athlete. Perfect for arthritic pain, torn meniscus, tendon or ligament damage, as well as prevention of injury.

One Size, Adjustable

Adjustable fastening system allows this knee brace to fit your leg snuggly. Each strap is 22-inches in length, stretchable, and fits most leg sizes.

Breathable Mesh Material

We have lined this knee brace with neoprene for breathability and comfort. We’ve also made the straps thicker than other knee braces of similar design for better results.

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This knee brace is not a substitute for conditions that would require further evaluation and treatment by a qualified physician.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand by our products. If you are not completely satisfied, please contact us within 30 days of purchase for a replacement or full refund. We value our customers.

Power Knee Brace