Optimize Your Health and Performance Through Genetic Testing

Your genes are as unique as your thumbprint and no two individuals are alike. Therefore, we custom design your health plan based on your unique health needs. By analyzing your genes, your regenerative medicine specialist can design your health plan with precision!

Nutristat Genetic Test Kit

NutriStat Basic and Complete

The NutriStat Test is a comprehensive nutritional analysis that measures important nutrient biomarkers to assess a wide range of health conditions including immune dysfunction, metabolic deficiencies, and chronic diseases. The NutriStat Test can also be used to assess nutritional status in healthy individuals who are looking to improve their overall health and wellbeing. NutriStat is the largest nutritional profile of its kind, providing the most comprehensive nutritional assessment available.

Who Benefits from NutriStat Profiles?

The NutriStat Profile is perfect for people trying to identify and monitor their nutritional and metabolic needs, and can be used to assess a wide range of health conditions.

Testing Technology

A combination of automated biochemistry and mass spectrometry technologies are utilized to provide a single comprehensive report.

Genetic Test Results Sample

What’s included?


Meet with your regenerative medicine specialist to begin designing tailored treatment that meets your unique health needs based on your genes.

Detailed Genetic Analysis Report

Your unique comprehensive report outlines your nutritional requirements based on your genetics. You will learn how your genes program for metabolic function, nutrient biomarkers, detoxification, cellular regulation, methylation and much more.

Custom Designed Treatment

Your treatment will be designed by your regenerative medicine specialist based on your genetic report. This ensures a precision approach to your health and wellness. You will also learn ongoing management of your health for the prevention of chronic disease.

Exercise and Performance Guidance

Movement is medicine and exercise is important for everyone regardless of your fitness goals. Whether your goal is to just stay fit and functional or perform at a high level, you will gain insight into how to move your body for optimal health and performance.

Weight Management

The struggle is real and there is a lot of confusion as to how to lose fat and gain muscle. By understanding how your genes program your metabolism, your regenerative medicine specialist will teach you how to eat and move based on your genetics.

Access to Thousands of Nutritional Supplements

Just like the foods you eat nutraceuticals should also be taken based on clinical findings. Everything you consume creates a biochemical reaction in your body and is either contributing to health or disease. Your regenerative medicine specialist will make supplement recommendations based on your unique health requirements. All nutraceuticals prescribed are high quality and physician-grade (cost not included).

Are you interested in purchasing the NutriStat Complete or Basic Profile?

The NutriStat Complete Profile tests 242 markers from 34 categories.


New Patient: $1,299

Established Patient: $999

The NutriStat Basic Profile tests 178 markers from  27 categories.


New Patient: $1,099

Established Patient: $799

Fill out the form below to select and purchase the Complete or Basic Profile. Make sure to select the appropriate item based on whether or not your are an established patient or a new patient.

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